21 Best YouTube Channels for Game Developers – Exclusive List

From beginners looking to learn the basics of video game development to experienced game designers seeking inspiration for their next project, there is a YouTube channel to suit every level of expertise. Whether you’re interested in indie game development, level design, finding a job in the game industry, or the overall game dev process, these channels cover a wide range of topics. Best of all, many of these channels are created by professional game designers. So, if you’re looking to make games or simply want to immerse yourself in the world of game design, let’s explore some of the best YouTube channels for game developers.

With a plethora of YouTube channels dedicated to game design, game development, and all things related to video games, creators are sharing their knowledge and experience in ways that were previously unimaginable. These channels offer insightful tutorials, behind-the-scenes looks at game design processes, interviews with game developers, and much more.

Cain On Games

Tim Cain creator of Youtube channel Cain On Games

Best for: insights from the games industry

Cain On Games is a YouTube channel hosted by original Fallout creator Tim Cain. Tim provides unique insights as he lifts the lid on what it’s like to work in the video gaming industry. With stories from his time designing games, including the Outer Worlds and the original Fallout. He shares candid stories about the difficulties of game development, the challenges of creating immersive worlds and realistic characters, and the creative process behind designing iconic gaming moments.

Cain also discusses the business side of the gaming industry, explaining the complexities of funding and studio politics. With decades of experience in the industry, Cain offers invaluable advice for aspiring game developers but also for gamers interested in getting a behind-the-scenes look at how their favourite games were made.

Whether you’re an avid RPG gamer, an aspiring developer, or just curious about the world of video games, there’s something for everyone to uncover in Cain On Games.

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GMTK – Game Maker’s Toolkit

Host of Game Makers Toolkit, Mark Brown.

Best for: analysis of the design and mechanics of popular video games

When it comes to game design YouTube channels, Game Maker’s Toolkit, GMTK, is one of the best. Hosted by game journalist Mark Brown, GMTK is a treasure trove of insights into game design. The channel mainly focuses on analyzing game design, breaking it down to its most basic principles, and then explaining it in a way that is accessible to everyone. Brown often discusses the various factors that go into making a game great, like level design, mechanics, story, etc.

Their series “Boss Keys” is another highlight, where they analyze and discuss the level design of popular games like The Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls. They also regularly produce videos known as “Design Icons,” where they look at iconic elements in games and discuss why they’re effective or innovative.

One of the best things about GMTK is the Game Jam that it organizes. In this, game developers are given a specific theme and limited time to design a game. It’s a great way for beginners to get some experience and for everyone to learn from other’s work.

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York Reacts

Former Rockstar Games Developer, Mike York of York Reacts, reacts to trailer for GTA6

Best for: insider secrets from a former Rockstar Games Developer

York Reacts is brought to you by Mike York, a former rockstar Games Developer who previously worked on GTA5 and Read Dead Redemption 2. York is a video games animator who has spent most of his career working for studios making AAA games. With this experience, he is able to break down game trailers and give you the inside scoop on how the magic happens, including the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6.

Cehckout the channle here: York Reacts.

Code Monkey

Code Monkey Youtube Channel

Best for: beginner and intermediate Unity tutorials from a successful indie game developer

The Code Monkey YouTube channel is an excellent resource if you’re looking to learn game development. Code Monkey’s tutorials break down game mechanics into manageable steps, allowing beginner and intermediate devs to make complex games. Additionally, you’ll find that the videos have high production value and are clear and easy to follow.

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Brakeys Youtube Channel 2023

Best for: beginner unity tutorials

Brackeys is one of this list’s most popular game design and development channels. Brackies Unity game engine tutorials have exceptional production quality and are easy to follow for beginners. Although Brackeys no longer produces new tutorials, its content is still relevant and has a large active Discord community.

Brackeys was founded by Asbjørn Thirslund, a Danish developer who had a passion for teaching game development. The main focus of the channel was educating the audience on the Unity game engine. The tutorials covered a wide range of topics, including basic game mechanics, advanced coding and using various tools within the Unity editor. 
Besides Unity game development, the channel also features tutorials on C# programming, Blender, and Illustrator.

These tutorials are still invaluable resources for anyone interested in game design, irrespective of the experience level.

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AI and Games

AI and Games analyses  the AI of Alien Isolation.

Best for: learning how the AI in your favourite games works

As the name suggests, the AI and Games YouTube channel explores the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in popular games. The channel’s host, Dr. Tommy Thompson, is a computer scientist specialising in game technology. He delves into the intricacies of how game programmers implement and use artificial intelligence in their games to enhance the gaming experience.

The channel aims to educate and explain complex technical topics in a viewer-friendly manner. You’ll find everything from in-depth breakdowns of AI in blockbuster games, including “The Last of Us,” “F.E.A.R,” and “Left 4 Dead,” to a broader analysis of AI trends and techniques in the gaming industry.

If you are interested in how your favourite games work behind the scenes or are a game programmer looking for insight into AI, this channel is a must-watch.

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Design Doc

Episoded from Design Doc Youtube Channel 2023

Best for: deep dives into the game design, UX design and interface design of well-known games

The Design Doc YouTube channel produces deep dives into the game design, UX design and interface design of well-known games. Through their comprehensive analysis, they dissect elements such as mechanics, aesthetics, and narratives to see how they all come together to create immersive gaming experiences.

Using popular games as examples, Design Doc illuminates the reasons why some games become successful while others fail, mainly focusing on the design perspective. The channel can be a learning resource for aspiring game designers to understand the nuances of game design and how each element can impact the player experience.

Design Doc is perfect for those who want to know the magic behind their favourite games and for those striving to create the next big hit game.

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GDC – Game Developers Conference

Popular talk from GDC Game Developers Confrence

Best for: insightful and thought-provoking talks from veterans of the video games industry

The GDC YouTube channel hosts hundreds of talks from the annual Game Developers Conference, GDC for short. The talks are presented by video game industry insiders, including the likes of Peter Monenux, Warren Spector, and Hideo Kojima, to name but a few. The GDC talks are on a range of topics, including game design, programming, art, business management, and even diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry. Some of my personal favourites cover writing for games, such as narrative design and world-building.

The aim of GDC is to inform, inspire, and encourage creativity and innovation within gaming. Apart from providing practical knowledge and insights into game development, these talks also delve into the challenges faced by the industry and the evolving landscape of video games. The speakers often discuss their own experiences, projects, and achievements, which can be highly instructive for up-and-coming game developers or those already in the profession.

Overall, the GDC YouTube channel offers a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in learning more about the video gaming industry, from the technical aspects of game creation to philosophical discussions on the purpose and impact of video games in society. 

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Video from Sykoo Youtube channel 2023

Best for: learning level design and lighting

Sykoo is hosted by Sam, a game maker who is a master of level design and lighting. His tutorials are suited to beginners yet will help you learn how to achieve a professional quality result. Sam previously worked for Unity, and while most of his tutorials are in the Unity engine, they teach concepts and tips that apply to whatever game engine you choose.

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Jason Weimann

Jason Weimann YT 2023

Best for: more advanced game programming tutorials in Unity

Jason Weimann is a professional games programmer who specialises in working with Unity. Jason’s YouTube channel is full of detailed tutorials game development tutorials, as well as countless interviews with industry insiders. There really is something for everyone.

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Trent Kaniuga

Trent Kaniuga, concept art

Best for: aspiring game concept artists

Trent Kaniuga is a video game concept artist who shares his knowledge and insights from working as a game artist. On Trent’s channel, you will find tutorials and discussions of industry trends and behind-the-scenes processes. He routinely shares his techniques in conceptual design, digital painting, and character creation.

Whether you are an aspiring game concept artist or simply interested in the world of video game design, Trent Kaniuga’s YouTube channel is an epic resource.

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Lost Relic Games

Lost Relic Games YouTube 2023

Best for: insights on current events in the games industry from an indie developers perspective

Lost Relic Games is hosted by John Stejskal, an indie developer currently working on a 2D side-scrolling game called Blood And Mead. The Lost Relic Games channel mostly focuses on providing quality game development tutorials, with a few dev logs and insights on current events in the gaming industry.

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A popular video from Danni's YouTube Channle  including milk

Best for: making game development fun (also milk)

Dani’s YouTube channel focuses on producing videos exploring fun game development projects he’s built, such as a clone of Among Us, but in 3D, or turning a Banana into a game controller! Game development is supposed to be fun! But sometimes, we forget that when we’re neck-deep in game code. When it comes to an example of a game developer who doesn’t take things too seriously, you can’t go far wrong with Dani.

Note: Dani is currently on a hiatus from uploading new videos; it’s believed this is while he works on his game Karlsonthe most whishlisted game in the history of Steam. His community is awaiting his return, but you can catchup on all his older content in the meantime.

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Wannibe Manisha

Wannibe Manisha YouTube channel video 2023

Best for: inspirational game dev tutorials

Wannibe Manisha is hosted by Manisha, a software engineer and passionate game dev hobbyist. Manisha is known for her creativity, high-quality videos, and collaborations with friends, fellow developers, and her sister Adisha. Manisha’s videos have a unique, engaging style, full of creativity and inspiration. Manisha has established a notable presence in the indie gaming field, even speaking at industry events like the San Francisco GDC alongside Jason Weimann.

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Vide from Samyam YouTube channel 2023

Best for: creative game development challenges

Samyam is hosted by Sam, a content creator who makes tutorials and documents her adventures with interesting game development challenges. The presentation style of Sam’s videos is fun and dynamic, with a good sense of humour.

One unique aspect of Samyam is Sam’s inclusion of her own learning experiences and challenges. She doesn’t shy away from sharing her mistakes and failures, using them as teaching moments. This openness adds an extra layer of authenticity and relatability to her content. Sam’s passion for game development shines through in every video, and her enthusiasm is contagious.

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Sebastian Lague

Episode of Coding Adventures from Sebastian Lague Youtube channel

Best for: inspirational coding adventures

Sebastian Lague is a software developer who makes videos that document creating interesting things out of code. In his series called Coding Adventures, Sabastian takes us on his journey of creating realistic clouds, a simulation of an ecosystem, and portals you can see through – to name but a few.

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Thin Matrix

A devlog from the Thin Matrix Youtube channel

Best for: unique relaxing devlogs

If you enjoy watching relaxing devlogs, Thin Matrix is for you. Created by Karl, an indie game developer, Thin Matrix is a series of unique dev logs that cover the development of the nature simulation game Equilinox and a work-in-progress farming game called “Homegrown”.

One of the unique aspects of the project is that the games are made using a custom game engine built with OpenGL and Java – the development of which is also documented on the channel.

Another key aspect that makes Thin Matrix so unique and watchable is how the dev logs focus on enjoying a healthy lifestyle. You’ll often see Karl preparing vegetarian meals, caring for house plants, or walking in the nearby park with his dog. All to the tune of very chill instrumental music from Equilinox.

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Mix and Jam

Mix and Jam recreating the axe throw from the god of war video game

Best for: learning how to recreate game mechanics from AAA games

Mix and Jam is hosted by Andre, a game creator who Unity Technologies hired based on the strength of his YouTube channel – it’s that good! Andre focuses on a single game mechanic from a popular game, such as the axe throw from God of War, and then he recreates it. The tutorials on this channel are exceptionally polished and interesting to watch and learn from. 

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Snoman Gaming

Snoman Gaming presents good game design

Best for: game design breakdowns of popular titles

Snoman Gaming is a channel focused on exploring the design of many popular PC and mobile games to work out what makes them tick. From indie gems to AAA titles, Snoman Gaming provides deep analysis of various aspects of game design, mechanics, storytelling and art style.

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Game Dev Guide

Game Dev Guide presents 5 ways to make games like a pro

Best for: learning how to build scalable tools and systems in Unity

The channel is Hosted by Matt Gambell, an independent Game Developer (and former evangelist for Unity Technologies). Game Dev Guide videos offer easy-to-digest tips, tricks and tutorials using professional experience within a wide variety of game development topics.

With an entertaining presentation style and an engineering-focused approach to problem-solving, Game Dev Guide offers scalable solutions to your everyday development problems without wasting your time.

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Ask Gamedev

The Ask Game Dev Youtube Channel

Best for: finding answers to meaty game development questions

Ask Gamedev is dedicated to making videos on the topics of how to make video games and the wider industry. Each video covers a specific topic based on a question from their community. Past videos have included how to become a game designer and how much money do indie games make. The team behind Ask Gamedev is made up of industry veterans who always do their best to answer these questions in a helpful and friendly way.

This channel is for you if you’re a beginner game developer or simply curious about games.

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Makin’ Stuff Look Good

Case study from the Makin Stuff Look Youtube channel

Best for: learning about shaders

Makin’ Stuff Look Good is one of the best game development channels for learning about shaders and how to create them.  It is not just about creating fancy visual effects but also improving game performance. The channel owner, Dan Moran, does an amazing job of breaking complex concepts down into easy-to-understand content.

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