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Ever felt that excitement when you’re about to join a game jam, only to be daunted by the idea of doing it all on your own? Teaming up for a game jam makes the workload more manageable and also gives you a chance to collaborate with like-minded people who share the same passion for games. So, let’s explore how to find a game jam team that’s perfect for you!

Finding the Right Game Jam

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The first step is selecting the right game jam that aligns with your skills and interests. This might seem like a no-brainer, but the success of your team often relies on this crucial first step.

Websites like’s calendar are a treasure trove of information, featuring a comprehensive list of online game jams you can join. Remember, it’s okay to venture into unfamiliar areas if you’re willing to learn quickly and adapt.

Exploring the Jam

Once you’ve picked your jam, dive in and immerse yourself in its universe. Discord servers associated with the jam, social media pages, and community tabs on the jam’s webpage are valuable resources to tap into. They provide crucial information and are often the primary places for recruitment.

If you’re looking for some great discord communites, check out our article: 20 Must-Join Discords for Indie Game Dev Success.

Identifying the Game Type

Depending on the type of game you need to create for the jam, it’s useful to find spaces that cater to that specific genre. These niche spaces will have fellow developers who share your interests and can potentially become your teammates.

You can use Google to your advantage here and find relevant Discord servers or online communities, or checkout our list of the best game developer discords.

Creating a Recruitment Post

After identifying the type of game and the community, it’s time to cast your net. This is where a well-crafted recruitment post comes in handy. Clearly state who you are, what you’re looking to contribute to the team, and the specific roles you’re seeking to fill. Don’t forget to mention how much you can contribute in terms of work.

Advertising Your Skills

When you’re looking to join a team, clarity is key. Outline your skills and offer a glimpse of your previous work. It’s like presenting your portfolio to prospective teammates. This transparency not only helps others to gauge your capabilities but also helps you attract teams looking for your particular skill set.

Building Your Own Team

If you’re at the helm, shaping your own team, clear communication about your project’s vision is crucial. Outline your project’s specifics, the length, the genre, and the roles you need to fill. Providing project materials or concept art could also attract like-minded individuals to your team.

Creating a Pitch

Pitching your game concept is an art. This is your opportunity to sell your idea to potential team members. Describe your game concept, the skills you bring to the table, the roles you need filled, and your preferred method of contact. Remember, this is the stage where you lure in potential teammates, so make it compelling!

Joining a Team

If you’re keen on joining an existing team, reply to a pitch that piques your interest. Share your skillsets, portfolio, and familiar tools, as well as your contact information. The goal is to show why you’d be a valuable addition to the team.

Effective Teamwork Tips

Once your team is assembled, here are a few tips to keep things sailing smoothly. Communication is the backbone of any team. Be it concerns, frustrations, or other commitments, always keep your team in the loop. Setting clear, manageable goals is vital for productivity. If you’re dealing with stress or health issues, be upfront about it. Lastly, utilize productivity and file-sharing apps to manage tasks and share updates in real time. This can help streamline your teamwork considerably.

Final Thoughts

Although you now know how to find a game jam team, it’s important to remember that game development is joruney. No doubt, there will be hurdles along the way, but with a committed team and a shared passion for creation, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. So step out there, find your squad, and embark on this exciting journey together!

Top FAQs

How big should my game jam team be?

A team of three people is ideal for most game jams; smaller teams make communication easier because there are fewer people to keep updated. However, if your game requires a lot of art or audio to be created, a larger team can work well – enabling you to get more work completed within the time limit.

I don’t have a team yet, can I still join a game jam?

Yes, most game jams allow individual participants. However, forming a team can help you learn from others and make the game development process more manageable.

What should I do if my team encounters conflicts or disagreements?

It’s common to have disagreements in a team, especially when working under a deadline. Always try to maintain an open and respectful communication. If a consensus can’t be reached, consider seeking advice from an external mentor or moderator.

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